Times and epochs 2017

On Tverskaya square, visitors were invited to take a trip to the Silver age and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of poetry evenings and theatrical skits that were played out on stage, take part in balls, try on the toilets of the early twentieth century and take a photo for memory. It also houses the information center of the festival, which was held at dozens of city venues. In one of the pavilions, the interiors of a Moscow hotel of the late nineteeth century were recreated. Here, "time travelers" could relax, get information about festival venues, maps, event programs, and help from staff who speak several foreign languages. The staff's suits, fashion magazines of the Silver age in reception, the pianist at the piano, an antique gramophone, which is several times a day gets a porter; almost Blok's stranger in the fancy toilets of the time discussing on a nearby couch futurist poets, all this became the starting point of a great journey through the times and epochs.