Flower jam. Summer gardens of Moscow. 2019

In the summer of 2019, Moscow hosted for the third time the world's largest festival of urban landscape design "Flower jam" and the international landscape competition of the same name, the theme of which was gardens of constant flowering.

The life of the exhibition gardens, which previously existed for several weeks, lasted up to several months: Moscow's summer gardens opened in June and delighted Muscovites and tourists until mid-October.

The gardens were designed to change the color, shape and volume of the plantings throughout the summer due to plants that bloom at different times. In June and August, the same garden was beautiful in very different ways.

In total, 42 exhibition gardens created by landscape designers from 11 countries Russia, Italy, France, Slovakia, China, Uruguay, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Kazakhstan-were implemented in Moscow's public spaces.

Another innovation of the competition was the work of finalists with mentors members of The expert Council. Under the guidance of recognized world landscape design stars from France, great Britain, Sweden, and Russia, the finalists finalized projects and adapted them to the selected locations.

In 2019, a new competition category also appeared: exhibition garden for social territories. These are "therapeutic", sensory gardens, creative play spaces with an area of 50-100 square meters planted on the territories of correctional schools, boarding schools, hospitals and created taking into account the characteristics and needs of wards of social institutions. There are six such gardens in total.

The winners of the Flower jam professional categories were announced on September 13. They were selected by an international jury chaired by Andy Stegen, one of the best landscape designers in Europe, winner of the 2019 Chelsea garden show.

The prize Fund of "Flower jam" 2019 was 4 800 000 rubles.