Journey to Christmas 2019

In 2020, the most popular festival of the cycle "Moscow seasons" and the largest winter festival in Europe "journey to Christmas" became a record for the duration and number of visitors. More than 26.1 million people visited the festival venues, which lasted for 50 days, from December 13, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

The Central venue of the festival was Manezhnaya square.

On Manezhnaya square and the passage to Revolution Square, a real snow - covered forest was built, which was created using live plants, including about one and a half hundred live fir trees, and the most famous and oldest Christmas markets in Europe were presented. The festival site was divided into thematic zones, each of which represented one of the European Christmas capitals: Strasbourg, Bern, Nuremberg, Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, Brussels, Riga, Vilnius and, of course, Moscow.

Visitors to Manezhnaya square were able to make a real trip to European cities where the world's most famous Christmas markets are held; take a photo against the background of the "Nuremberg Christmas mill" and help the lamplighter light an old Prague lantern; buy gifts brought here from all over the world; taste traditional festive dishes from different countries; see how the legendary Lithuanian shakotis pie is baked on an open fire; get acquainted with the Christmas characters that inhabit the site, take part in master classes, listen to live music and watch performances of theater groups that came to Moscow from all over Europe. In the holiday mail pavilion, where guests were greeted by post elves instead of ordinary employees, you could send a greeting card to your loved ones and a letter to Santa Claus. In the "Christmas library" - listen to theatrical readings of fairy tales and get acquainted with the Librarian in an embroidered jacket and lace cuffs.

The winter was warm, and Manezhnaya square was almost the only place in Moscow where a real Russian winter reigned for a month and a half of the festival: special installations with artificial snow were used to snow the Christmas forest.

In 2020, Manezhnaya square was recognized as the best festival venue in the history of the "Journey to Christmas festival".