"Pancake day" 2018

The main symbol of the holiday both in the old days and today is the sun, because after Shrovetide it warms more, and spring is getting closer. By the way, pancakes also symbolize the sun.

The sun was everywhere on Tverskaya square during the Maslenitsa festival. These are Shrovetide poles with rotating solar disks: if you spin it, spring will come sooner; and bright red "solar" carts-a reminder of the tradition of Moscow Shrovetide sleigh rides.

A "Bread house" was opened on the site , where guests could learn about the history of flour milling and baking, participate in master classes on hand-grinding flour using a millstone, baking bread and making pancakes.

The pottery workshop taught the art of creating tiles using ancient technologies. And for children, we created a whole Shrovetide village - a Playground with houses, mills, wells. Here, professional artists introduced children to traditional Maslenitsa games.

Performances of folk groups on stage, performances of mummers, carols, "bear Comedy" and, of course, hot pancakes all this is Maslenitsa on Tverskaya square.

In Klimentovsky lane, we created an exhibition of two-meter Maslenitsa dolls, traditional for different regions of Russia. Here, during the festival, a "Textile laboratory" was opened, where you could make a stolbushka doll, a shifter doll or a grass doll and play a Maslenitsa performance with them.