Forum «My district» 2019

From 4 to 7 July 2019 in the framework of the Moscow urban forum in Gostiny
The first forum "My district" dedicated to creating a comfortable environment was held in the courtyard urban environment and related complex changes planned Moscow government.

Strategic issues of urban development were discussed during the event territories, improving the quality of everyday life of Muscovites, development features
specific areas of the city and much more. The business program was attended by
representatives Of the Moscow government, public figures of the city, Russian and
foreign urbanists, sociologists, journalists, teachers, doctors, ecologists, psychologists,
cultural scientists, representatives of the scientific and technical community.

For three days of the forum Gostiny Dvor will turn into a miniature version of the real One
urban area with its own sports and playgrounds, "schools", cafes and restaurants, a fair and, of course, squares and parks, without which it is impossible creating a comfortable environment in a modern metropolis.

The landscape project created for the event is the first case of such a large – scale event
interior landscaping throughout the history of Gostiny Dvor. On the event site full – fledged exhibition gardens with live plants were installed-not only flowers and shrubs, but also adult trees up to six meters high; & a real square in the amphitheater area; there are miniature "city parks" in business and gaming areas. Landscape compositions on the site became a real sensation and received the most rave reviews from the organizers, participants, and most importantly – numerous visitors to Gostiny Dvor.