Victory day at VDNKH 2019

On may 9, 2019, Russia celebrated the 74th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. VDNH has traditionally become one of the Moscow venues where the brightest and most significant events of the Victory day celebration were held - both on the territory of the exhibition itself and in Ostankino Park.

The festive events at VDNH were dedicated to two key themes: the victory in the great Patriotic war and the post-war reconstruction of the country.

During the anniversary year for VDNH, special attention was paid in the festive program to how the achievements of the Soviet people, which were created to demonstrate VDNH, made possible the victory in the great Patriotic war and the restoration of the country in the post-war years.

During the day, an interactive program for visitors of all ages took place on the territory of VDNH and Ostankino: immersive performances and flash mobs involving exhibition guests, dance workshops, animation programs, performances by musical groups and professional artists.

The celebration culminated in a Grand concert on the main stage and a colorful fireworks display.