"Far Eastern fair" 2017

In December 2017, the far Eastern fair was held for the first time on Tverskaya square in Moscow. The event was attended by more than 74,000 people.

Visitors to Tverskaya square were able to visit a real Chukchi dwelling, sit on a sled, see folk costumes made of deer fur and fish skin, and even try themselves as a gold miner a washing tray was installed in one of the pavilions, exactly the same as in the mines of the Magadan region. Master classes on folk arts and crafts, which were conducted by masters who came from the Far East, were in great demand among the fair's guests more than 6000 people took part in them.

Folk groups and fashionable far Eastern music groups performed on the stage. In shopping galleries, visitors were happy to buy caviar, fish, seafood and other regional products brought from the Far East.

And on Tverskaya square, the action "far Eastern fish soup" was held: each region of the Far East provided its own fish for this fish soup. And the finished fish soup was offered to taste to all visitors of the fair.