Architectural day of the city at VDNH 2017

"City of children" - a large-scale event within the city day, held at VDNH on September 9 and 10, 2017. More than half a million people visited the event in two days.
VDNH is traditionally the main Playground of the city day. In 2017, the theme of the holiday was architecture, and young visitors to the country's Main exhibition turned into engineers, designers and builders.

On the territory of VDNH, 17 interactive platforms were organized, where architectural master classes, interactive lectures and excursions, concerts, film screenings, immersive performances and carnival processions were held.

The Territory of the "city of children"was divided into six thematic zones: "Museum of the history of architecture", "Architectural Institute", "Construction site", "landscape architecture", "Cinema lecture hall" and "educational fair of creative studios".

The main art objects of the festival were the "Colored city" with real buildings, streets and rich "city life", built by the famous British artist, architect, urbanist Peter Fink, and the interactive open-air Museum of the history of architecture, where the most striking architectural structures of various periods and countries were presented: the pyramid of Ancient Egypt, the ancient Greek temple, the Gothic Cathedral, modern skyscrapers and other monuments.

All objects of the Museum of the history of architecture were built interactive. Children could climb the Chinese pagoda, rock the famous leaning tower of Pisa in different directions, climb the Egyptian pyramid-climbing wall and measure their height in "skyscrapers-height meters".

For two days, the young guests of the "City of children" built their own "Shukhov towers", made carnival costumes in the form of famous architectural structures, assembled designer houses, and created their own landscape compositions from fresh flowers and plants. On Industry Square, you could watch an interactive performance "Smart home" specially staged for the "City of children", and the culmination of the holiday was an architectural carnival, which was attended by the most famous buildings from all over the world: the Moscow Kremlin, the Gaudi house in Barcelona, the London egg skyscraper and others. In addition to professional costumed artists, guests of VDNH both children and adults-took part in the carnival procession with pleasure.